8 Arm Chandelier

New 8-Arm Chandelier
(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum spiral arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle (shown), or black or silver chain, and LED lights (shown) or candles. $1,650.




(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum reversed arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle, or silver or black chain (shown), and LED lights or candles (shown). $1,750.

10 Arm Chandelier

12 Arm Chandelier


(12H x 22W x 22D)

Cherry hub, anodized aluminum spiral arms and stainless steel drip cups. Available with wooden rod and shackle , or black or silver chain (shown), and LED lights or candles (shown). $1,850.

Tiger Maple Swinging Wall Lamp

Tiger Maple Swinging Arm Wall Lamp
(6H x 2W x 18D)

Also available in cherry. Great lighting and ambiance next to your favorite reading chair. $750., for the arm. Use your own shade, or commission a glass shade from Tandem Glass in Dresden, ME.



Cherry Curved Arm Wall Lamp
(21H x 2W x 23D)

The curved, graceful, arm consists of three splined pieces. The base is mounted to a wall stud with a metal dovetail key. Swivels left and right, to aim the light just where you need it. $950., for the arm. Use your own shade or commission a glass shade from Tandem Glass in Dresden, ME.

Cherry Curved Arm Wall Lamp



Shaker Sewing Stand
(26H x 20W x 17D)

This elegant, yet diminutive, round stand is a Shaker reproduction originally from Hancock, MA. The two drawers open from either side. Use it as a sewing stand, as intended, or as a bedside or reading table. Solid cherry with brass knobs. $3,600. (Oval carrier not included)

M. Pekovich photo.

Minute Wall Cabinet

(16H x 5W x4 1/2D)
This tiny cabinet is perfect for spices, teas or a bottle of single malt Scotch. Shown in rock maple (from the Elder Joseph Brackett maple from the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community), it is also available in cherry, as usual. The 1/8" shelves are removable, and the door has that beautiful, swirly antique glass. Like my other wall cabinets, it mounts on a single wall stud with a French cleat. $750.


Floor Lamp
(60H x 12W x 12D)

A simple yet elegant floor lamp, face turned cherry base, and spindle turned cherry shaft. The shade is 14" in diameter (can be ordered slightly bigger or smaller), of sugar maple veneer. A great reading lamp with warmth and ambiance.
Base $950.
Shade $750.

Alphabet Board
(8H x 120W)

Originally commissioned for a library, this hand-carved alphabet board would be equally suited for a school, home library, den or children's room. The main board is basswood (Tilia americana), each letter deeply carved and painted (your choice of colors). With a cherry frame. $1,100.

Alphabet Board

(31 H x 17 W x 15 D)
A comfortable stool available in 25, 27 or 31 inch heights. Can be uses straight on or sideways. Leather and foam seat, cherry base. $750.



Three Leg Table

Three Leg Table
(18" H)
This light but sturdy cherry table base can be attached to a free form piece or even a well dried cross section. Very versatile. $1,950.


Delta Coffee Table
(18 H x 36 W x 36 D)
A smaller coffee table just for three. Just right in a study, alcove or under a sunny window. Solid black cherry. Rounded corners for safety and style. $1,800.

Book Stand
(44H x 2W x 16D)
This is a real multi-purpose creation. Use it as a bookstand for dictionaries, or albums in the library, as a lectern for your speaking engagement, or for a music stand the next time you're conducting. The "Z" shaped base is elegant yet sturdy. Available in cherry, or ebonized with a satin lacquer finish. $2,200.

Book Stand

Shaker Hanging Cabinet

Shaker Hanging Cabinet
(18H x 14W x 6 1/2D)
This diminutive Shaker cabinet originally, in pine, had a one board door. I think it looks much better with a frame and panel door. The interior has two removable shelves. Can be wall hung or placed on a shelf or sideboard. For jewelry, spices, letters or small treasures. also available in pine.
$950. in cherry
$925 in pine

Cherry Wall Sconce
(22H x 5-1/2W x 7D)
This Scandinavian design was one of my earliest designs, dating back to 1972. It has a long tapered and rounded cherry back with a dovetailed arm holding a 5" brushed stainless steel dish, and ideal size for a 3" beeswax candle. After 3 1/2 decades, it's still a very elegant piece.

Tea Lights
(3 H x 5-5/8W x 5-5/8D)
Tea lights add ambiance to any table. This centerpiece is based on 1 7/8" blocks of varying heights, each drilled for standard tea lights. $225. Also available as a 3 light unit ($75.), or a five light unit ($125.)

Tea Lights

Table Lamp and Turned Shade
(Base: 10H x 5 1/2W x 5 1/2D) (Shade: 9H x 9W x 9D)
The carved cherry base has been in my catalog for some time. Purchased separately, it will take the shade of your choice. Now, a friend of mine has begun turning lamp shades out of logs: birch, poplar and red maple. The result is a pleasing, warm light, even when using compact fluorescent bulbs.
Shade $800., carved cherry base $900.

Table Lamp
Angel Gabriel Weathervane

Angel Gabriel Weather vane
34H x 75W x 1 1/2D
The original (same size, but made of flat sheet copper) is an early nineteenth century vane from Newburyport, Massachusetts. This is a wooden copy of carved white pine , painted with two coats of exterior cobalt yellow enamel and finally gilded in 23K gold. A truly stunning weather vane, over six feet long from tip of trumpet to the toes. It would look great on a church steeple, large home or barn with a cupola. Or use it as a piece of art mounted on a large white wall. $ 7,850.


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